2/23/2023 - FY24 BUDGET
Dear Fairfielders, 
I’m sending an interim update to provide you information on the FY24 Town budget, which I presented to the Board of Selectmen yesterday.

The needs of Fairfield’s residents and businesses have changed over the last decade, as our population and economy have grown, demanding greater attention from the town to facilitate this growth. Businesses innovate and modernize and so too should our town, which is exactly what my administration has been focused on doing for the last three years.

We are fortunate to live in Fairfield, which despite being the 11th largest municipality in the state, maintains its unique small-town feeling with diverse neighborhoods, excellent schools, and an active volunteer community that participates in local government through many boards and commissions.
It's often said a budget reflects your priorities. That's why the budget I presented includes a large investment in Fairfield Public Schools, funds our long-term liabilities, the Senior and Disabled Tax Relief program, which gives back to those residents who helped build Fairfield for the next generation, and keeps spending low despite record high inflation and supply chain issues.

This budget continues efforts to reorganize the town’s workforce to improve processes and services to residents, effectively manage the many existing projects and pending infrastructure needs so Fairfield remains attractive for generations to come. Recruiting professional employees who are educated in their fields is a key part of this and critically important for our collective success.

I believe this budget is responsive to the needs of residents and businesses and responsible to taxpayers with a less than 1% increase in the mill rate (.98%). 

Our commercial tax base has grown, and the strong demographics of our community make our Town attractive for continued new business investment as the overall business climate improves. This growth will help lessen the burden on our citizens as we move forward.  
I am proud of the work my administration continues to do to make sorely needed and long overdue changes. 

Below I have linked my proposed budget, along with the presentation, the budget resource website, and a link to Fair TV where yesterday's meeting will be posted. Friday, you can tune in live to the BOS hearings beginning at 11 am and participate in public comment. 

Please keep in mind that the budget will not be final until it goes through the Board of Selectmen where changes can be made, the Board of Finance where they also have the authority to reduce or add with a majority vote, and finally the Representative Town Meeting that can reduce the budget but cannot increase it. The full schedule is posted here.

I will continue to provide updates on the budget process and welcome your feedback. 
I am looking forward to a new year filled with hope and promise for Fairfield. 


Brenda L. Kupchick
Slide Deck Presentation
Budget Highlights
Mill Rate – Less than 1% increase at .98%
Pension Contribution – Fully funded at 100% of ADEC
OPEB Contribution – Fully funded at 100% of ADEC
Fund Balance – maintaining the 11.34% funding level through FY24
Public Schools – Increase of $7.7 million over last year

Salary, Wages, and Contingency – 59% of Town budget increase is contractual 

Despite high inflation, increased energy costs and contractual obligations, this budget increases spending by almost half the current rate of inflation at 2.73%.

FY 24 Budget Proposal
BOS Meeting Recordings
FY 24 Budget Website
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