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5/15/2015 - Board and Commission Openings

The Town of Fairfield is seeking an unaffiliated registered voter interested in being considered to serve as a volunteer on the new five-member FairTV Commission. We have four candidates currently going through the appointment process but need a fifth to join them on this new commission.

Additionally, the Town is currently seeking volunteer residents of various political affiliations to fill current and anticipated vacancies on other boards and commissions including the Economic Development Commission, the Employees Retirement Board, the Ethics Commission, the Greater Bridgeport Transit District Board of Commissioners, the Harbor Management Commission, the Land Acquisition Commission and the Shellfish Commission.  For a complete list of board or commission vacancies please visit www.fairfieldct.org/vacancies.

Click here for information on how to be considered for any of these volunteer positions.

Please contact the Office of the First Selectman at 203-256-3030 or firstselectmanffld@fairfieldct.org with any questions.