10/5/2021 - UI Utility Protection Zone Program

October 5, 2021 -These are the next group of streets UI will be performing the Utility Protection Zone tree pruning and removal work. The list of streets are below and for more information visit here

  • Black Rock Turnpike
  • Congress St
  • Fairfield Woods Rd
  • Hoydens Hill Rd
  • Morehouse Hwy
  • Nepas Rd
  • Nonopoge Rd
  • Winnepoge Rd

Here are the names of the contracted tree companies doing the work: Asplundh tree service, Lewis tree service, Nelson tree service.

The following streets will begin pruning and tree removal as part of the UI Utility Protection Zone Program. The list of streets are below and for more information visit here

Edgewood Rd
Fairmount Terrace
Jackman Ave
Euclid Ave
Warwick Ave
Benedict Ave
Brooklawn Terrace
Marne Ave
Philemon St
Suburban Ave
Brookview Ave
Woodside Circle
Lookout Dr N
Lookout DR S
Collingwood Ave
Park DR
Sachem RD
Algonquin Rd
Lynbrook Rd
Lewis Dr
Brookfield Ave
Essex St
Villa Ave
Pickwick St
Nordstrand Ave
Melville Ave
1st St
2nd St
3rd St
Webb Rd
Algonquin Rd
Old Oaks Rd

May 27, 2021 - Next week, UI will begin pruning and removing trees as part of the Utility Protection Zone Program. Residents will be notified prior to any work being conducted. The list of streets are below. For more information, visit UI's website here.  

  • Adams Rd
  • Allen Rd
  • Alma Dr
  • Bittersweet Rd
  • Bridle Trail
  • Brighton View Rd
  • Brookside Dr
  • Brookside Dr (single phase taps)
  • Burr St (single phase taps)
  • Calico Ln
  • Centerbrook Rd
  • Crystal Ln
  • Cynthia Dr
  • Denise Ter
  • Doreen Dr
  • Drake Ln
  • Drumm Rd
  • Duck Farm Rd
  • Dudley Dr
  • Emmy La
  • Ferguson Dr
  • Flower House Dr
  • Fox Run Rd
  • Frog Pond La
  • Galloping Hill Rd
  • Greenbriar Rd
  • Heather Pl
  • Hill brook La
  • Hitching Post Ln
  • Hollydale Rd
  • Hunter Ln
  • Hunter Rd
  • Lakeside Dr
  • Lancelot Rd
  • Maple Drive
  • Margemere Dr
  • Martingdale Ln
  • Matilda Pl
  • Mayfair Rd
  • Melody Ln
  • Middlebrook Dr
  • Mill River Rd
  • Millspaugh Dr
  • N Benson Rd
  • Old Academy Rd
  • Old Coach Rd
  • Oxbow Rd
  • Pansy Rd
  • Partridge Lane
  • Pell Meadow Dr
  • Pepperridge Cir
  • Peytonwood Rd
  • Phyfe Rd
  • Potters Ln
  • Power Horn Lane
  • Reid St
  • Ridgedale Rd
  • Rifle Rd
  • Riverfield Dr
  • Riverview Cir
  • Robert Ct
  • Robert Ln
  • Ross Hill Rd
  • Ryegate Rd
  • September Pl
  • Shady Hill Rd
  • Shetland Rd
  • Still Meadow
  • Stirrup Hill Rd
  • Summit Ln
  • Szost Dr
  • Tauton Rd
  • Tuckahoe Ln
  • Valley View Pl
  • Wagon Hill Rd
  • Windsor Rd