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4/10/2021 - Community Theatre Outdoor Design Update

The Town has been working with the Kleban family, Fairfield's Tree Warden and the Town Plan & Zoning Department over the past year discussing the redesign of the Community Theatre Corner. 

Expanded outdoor dining was approved by the Board of Selectmen, Town Planning and Zoning Commission and Representative Town Meeting when they considered the most recent lease extension in January.

This action is part of a continuing effort to join in public/private partnerships to cost-effectively enhance the downtown for enjoyment of all its citizens.

The Kleban Company applied for a permit to remove the cherry trees as part of a master plan to make landscape improvements. After a public hearing, the Tree Warden decided in favor of the application.  The permit was issued in full accordance with the law and the Kleban Company therefore had the right to remove the trees without further delay. 

The appeal filed in Superior Court is based on a statute (C.G.S. § 23-59) that only applies to a Tree Warden’s unilateral decision to have trees removed by a municipality for safety concerns. The statute applicable to this situation, was made by an individual or corporation to replace trees in the public right of way (C.G.S. § 23-65(f)) vests the Tree Warden with the ultimate authority deny or grant a permit without the right to appeal.

Residents waited many years for someone to step up and renovate the Community Theatre, the surrounding building and outdoor space and the Town Administration is grateful the Kleban family and Sacred Heart took on this challenge.

The redesign of this important corner will spark vibrancy to our beloved downtown in coordination of the newly renovated Community Theatre, a new marquee, updated outdoor dining areas, new sidewalks, wrought iron accents, and green spaces.

First Selectwoman Brenda Kupchick said "I know some of our residents are upset with the Tree Warden’s decision and some are excited about the redesign. I’m happy to talk with any resident, over the phone, if you’d like to call me at Town Hall 203-256-3030."