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8/27/2020 - 8.27 STORM UPDATE
Dear Fairfielders,

The National Weather Service is forecasting severe weather for late this afternoon until this evening that will include thunderstorms and damaging winds. Travel may be difficult and power outages are possible. Residents are encouraged to take precautions and stay off roads during the storm.

To provide some context, UI projected Tropical Storm Isaias at a level 3 and is projecting this afternoon's storm at a level 5, which is less severe.

The UI Emergency Operations Center (EOC) opened at noon and we have been in contact with them since early this morning. I will be opening the Fairfield EOC at 3pm today.  

The reports we've received are uncertain of how severe this storm will impact Fairfield but I wanted to make sure our residents had the same information I am receiving from the National Weather Service, Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection (DESPP) and Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security (DEMHS).

Reports from DESPP & DEMHAS:
The NOAA Storm Prediction Center (SPC) has placed most of Connecticut in the Enhanced Risk Category for severe thunderstorms this afternoon.  Severe thunderstorm and/or tornado watches may be issued early this afternoon. 

This Afternoon: The line of strong thunderstorms currently in upstate New York is expected to intensify and move quickly to the southeast at 60 – 80 MPH and enter northern Connecticut between 2:00 – 3:00 PM. The model is forecasting that a line of thunderstorms will enter the state from the north around 3:00 PM.  The most likely time frame for severe thunderstorms is from 2:00 PM until 8:00 PM.  The most dangerous storms are expected to be a few individual supercells that form either along the line or in the partly sunny conditions to the west of the warm front over western and southwestern CT.

The SPC is forecasting that any thunderstorms that develop (especially supercells) will have a 30% chance of containing strong winds (60 – 70 MPH), a 15% chance for large hail (2” in diameter) and a 5% chance of containing a tornado.  Other hazards will likely include moderate urban flooding and dangerous lightning. Click here for more information

The overall impact of these thunderstorms is expected to be moderate however there could be some more significant impacts in any towns in the path of a super cell.  

Check back to the Town website for more information as the storm progress: www.fairfieldct.org. 

For true emergencies, please dial 911. To report an outage with UI, dial 1-800-722-5584 or visit ui.net. For storm information please visit www.fairfieldct.org/storm. 

Below is some helpful information that I shared with residents during the last storm.

Brenda L. Kupchick
Fairfield First Selectwoman
Below are storm resources for residents:
  • If you haven't yet signed up for UI text alerts, you can register with UI here. According to our UI representative, the current outage map is not reflecting all outages, but she assured me that UI keeps track of all outage reports from residents. 
  • Please stay at least 10 feet away from any downed power lines because you should always assume it is live.  
  • Portable back-up generators produce carbon monoxide (CO) which is a poison gas. CO is an odorless, colorless gas that kills without warning. It claims the lives of hundreds of people every year and makes thousands more ill. Our Firemen have responded to numerous calls for CO poisoning. 
  • Unsafe food can make you sick even if it looks, smells, and tastes normal. Perishable foods are at risk during extended power outages. Keep your refrigerator and freezer doors shut. When in doubt, throw it out: https://www.cdc.gov/foodsafety/food-safety-during-a-power-outage.html
  • In the aftermath of a major storm, being neighborly takes on a new meaning and sense of urgency. Please take the time to check on your elderly neighbors, or neighbors who may be in need. If you haven’t seen a neighbor out and about, it only takes a minute to knock on the door for friendly check-in. As always, call 9-1-1 if there is an emergency. Social Services is available to help with meals and groceries, getting  medications as needed - 203-256-3170.
The Town of Fairfield will no longer be utilizing the current alert system known as CodeRed to issue emergency and community alerts to residents and business owners. We are switching to a new system.

In order to continue receiving Emergency and Community alerts from the Town of Fairfield, you must sign up again. Visit www.fairfieldct.org/alerts