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1/27/2014 - Kupchick, Tetreau Attend Legislative Task Force on Shoreline Preservation
HARTFORD- In order to listen to important information about new changes to the National Flood Insurance Program, State Rep. Brenda Kupchick (R-132) along with Fairfield First Selectman Mike Tetreau participated in the Shoreline Preservation Task Force at the State Capitol on January 15, 2014.

Kupchick, who has been a member of the Shoreline Preservation Task Force since 2012, invited Tetreau to join the panel to listen to testimony and provide comments to the Task Force.

“We have many Fairfield residents that are still in limbo due to a broken system of the Federal Flood Insurance program. Many shoreline residents are severely impacted by the Biggert-Waters changes. Bottom line, residents paid into an insurance program for many years and rightfully expected appropriate coverage after Sandy,” said Rep. Kupchick.

First Selectman Tetreau said, “Thanks to the State Legislature for looking into problems with the National Flood Insurance Program. Up to this point, the flood insurance program has let down many of our residents in Fairfield by not providing adequate coverage for damages to their homes and many are still suffering today because of this failure. I look forward to changes in this program that will hopefully not only address the future, but will help many people who are still struggling.”

Shoreline Preservation Task Force was hosting an Informational Forum on the Biggert-Waters changes to the National Flood Insurance Program with representatives from the insurance and real estate industries, state departments and agencies, as well as municipal and congressional leaders.

The Task Force members, municipal leaders, realtors, private insurance industry and congressional representatives discussed the current challenges shoreline communities are facing any possible legislative solutions on the horizon, and an outlook of the future.