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10/14/2014 - Fairfield Residents Encouraged to Sign Up for Town's Emergency Notification System

First Selectman Tetreau wishes to remind members of the Fairfield community—residents, businesses, and organizations— to sign up for CodeRED to receive emergency-related or other important notifications from the Town.

Police Chief Gary MacNamara said, “CodeRed has given us the ability to reach the entire town, a portion of town, or a singular neighborhood with important information in a fast and efficient way, however we cannot inform you if we can’t reach you, and we can't reach you if you don't sign up.”

The Town of Fairfield has contracted with Emergency Communications Network to license this high-speed phone notification system to provide Fairfield officials with the ability to quickly deliver phone messages to targeted areas or to the entire Town. Notifications may include information or updates on storms, missing persons, oil spills, road paving or closings or health-related issues. Residents are also encouraged to download the CodeRED App, now available for both Android and iPhone. CodeRED will alert people if they travel into an area where an alert has been launched.

Community members who are not in this system can go online to www.fairfieldct.org/codered to easily input their information into the Town’s emergency notification database. In addition, those already in the database who want to update their information can also go to the above web address. Those with unlisted phone numbers; or who have changed their phone number or address within the past year; or who use a cellular phone or VIP phone as their primary number should register or re-register.

For those individuals without access to a computer, they may call the Fairfield Police Department at 203-254-4830. Individuals who are not in this system will not receive a call from the Town. All information inputted into the system is only used by the Town for the purposes of emergency notifications.

First Selectman Mike Tetreau said, “Given the numerous storms our Town has endured, CodeRED has been a very important and successful method to quickly and efficiently disseminate information to our community. Keeping our citizens informed in a timely manner is crucial.”

The photo shows Deputy Police Chief Chris Lyddy, First Selectman Mike Tetreau and Police Chief Gary MacNamara outside the Town's Police Department.