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2/8/2019 - Fairfield Parking Authority Celebrates Student Art Work at Downtown Train Station

First Selectman Mike Tetreau is pleased to announce that the Parking Authority of Fairfield recently held a ceremony at the downtown train station to showcase the second phase of Fairfield Public Schools student art work created for both station houses.

The first phase of the project was completed last Spring when Fairfield Ludlowe High School (FLHS) student artwork was displayed inside the New York-bound station house. The second phase features artwork created by students from Fairfield Warde High School (FWHS) that is displayed inside the New Haven-bound station house.

Attending the ceremony to celebrate the FWHS students were Parking Authority members Elise McKay and Nelson Heumann, First Selectman Mike Tetreau, District Art Department Coordinator for the Fairfield Public Schools Michele Hermsen, FWHS art teacher Margaret Capron, proud parents and many supporters.

The student artists are:

Megan Henry “Lake Mohegan”
Ethan Larkin “Fairfield Farmers’ Market”
Sam Walker “Fairfield Golf”
James Wray “Fairfield Dining”

Additionally, student artist Abby McCabe created the Enriching education design.

The Parking Authority of Fairfield had asked Michele Hermsen, District Art Department Coordinator for the Fairfield Public Schools, whether it would be possible to create student artwork for display at the downtown train station. As a result, four talented students in Margaret Capron’s Digital Illustration class took up the challenge to create pieces reflecting their vision of the unique aspects of the Town of Fairfield.

Elise McKay, former Chair of the Parking Authority, spoke at the ceremony stating, “So many people pass through the Fairfield Station every day so it is an ideal place to display public art. Collaborating with student artists in our Public Schools seemed obvious and we appreciate the extra effort Michelle and Margaret gave to bring this project to fruition.”

Ms. Hermsen expressed her appreciation for the wonderful collaboration and support from the Town noting how its partnership with the schools helped make this project a great success.

First Selectman Tetreau congratulated the students and remarked, “I can’t think of a better place than Fairfield’s downtown train station to showcase this incredible art depicting the essence of what makes our Town so vital and unique. I am so proud of all of our talented students whose work is a major contribution to Fairfield’s arts and cultural scene. I also want to thank our dedicated teachers, school administrators and parents for helping our students realize their full potential.”

The photo shows: First Selectman Mike Tetreau, Megan Henry, a FWHS junior, FWHS Art Teacher Margaret Capron and Ethan Larkin, a FWHS senior.