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12/5/2018 - Town’s Water Pollution Control Authority Receives Award from Leading New England Organization: WPCF Asst. Superintendent John Bodie Named CT Operator of the Year

First Selectman Mike Tetreau is very pleased to announce that the Town’s Water Pollution Control Authority (WPCA) has won the 2018 New England Water Environment Association, Inc.’s (NEWEA’s) Energy Management Achievement Award.

The Energy Management Achievement Award was established in 2010 by NEWEA to recognize the achievements of an organization with a written policy, goal and demonstrated progress toward a downward trend in the amount of energy (electricity, gas, oil, or other) used per unit of water treated.

The Fairfield WPCA owns and operates an extensive wastewater collection system, eight pump stations and an advanced water pollution control facility (WPCF) that handles wastewater from Fairfield’s sanitary sewer service area. The town’s biosolids compost facility, located on the WPCF site, was recently featured as the cover story in the Journal of the New England Water Environment Association. It is the last such facility in Connecticut and one of the oldest continuously operating biosolids compost facilities in North America.

Bill Norton, Superintendent of the WPCF, stated, “This award is the culmination of the leadership of First Selectman Tetreau, DPW Director Joe Michelangelo, and Assistant DPW Director Ed Boman to ensure that the Town and the WPCF become green power plants with sustainable energy sources. These green energy sources (solar panels, fuel cell and digester gas power generation) will lessen the Town’s reliability on fossil fuel sources and lower the Town’s overall carbon emissions. The goal, in the near future, is for the Town’s WPCF to become a Zero Net Energy Facility, meaning that we are utilizing all of our green power generated to operate the WPCF and not relying on or consuming utility power.”

Additionally, John Bodie, Assistant Superintendent of the WPCF, has been selected as the recipient of the 2018 NEWEA Operator Award for the State of Connecticut. The NEWEA Operator Award is given annually to a person involved in the operations of wastewater treatment facilities in each of the six New England states. The purpose of the award is to recognize an individual who has shown a high level of interest and performance in wastewater operations and who has made significant contributions to the wastewater field. Mr. Bodie, a native of Fairfield, has worked for the Town WPCF for over 30 years. He has been part of the operation of the composting facility since its inception in 1989.

Mr. Bodie said, “I was quite surprised and humbled when I was told I was the Connecticut Operator of the Year. There may be only one name on the award, but I think it is a testament to the Town's leadership and without a doubt, a great crew, without whom I would not even be up for this award. I thank you all for your support, hard work and dedication.”

DPW Director Joe Michelangelo stated, “The Town has been dedicated to implementing energy efficiency measures at the Wastewater Treatment Plant for many years, and the award is a reflection of our achievement in this area. Additionally, I would like to congratulate John Bodie on his individual award. John has been a constant through several WPCF Superintendents, and is well-respected by his co-workers and colleagues in the profession”.

First Selectman Tetreau added, “It is quite an honor for the Town to be recognized with these distinguished awards. Fairfield continues to be a model of energy efficiency and environmental stewardship. Thank you to Mr. Norton, Mr. Michelangelo and Mr. Boman for their effective management, and congratulations to Mr. Bodie and the entire WPCA on this significant achievement!”

The NEWEA will hold an awards ceremony at its Annual Conference in Boston next January. NEWEA is the leading professional organization in New England.

The photo, taken at the Wastewater Plant at One Richard White Way, shows the Town’s dedicated WPCA employees, including WPCF Assistant Superintendent John Bodie (front row, second from left), along with First Selectman Mike Tetreau and to his left, DPW Director Joe Michelangelo, and to the First Selectman’s right, DPW Assistant Director Ed Boman and WPCF Superintendent Bill Norton.

Photo Credit: Regina Madwed

The photo taken in the First Selectman’s Office shows l:r: Bill Norton, John Bodie, First Selectman Mike Tetreau, and Ed Boman.