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11/26/2018 - Fairfield Ranked #1 Business-Friendly Town in Connecticut

First Selectman Mike Tetreau is pleased to announce that the Yankee Institute for Public Policy has ranked Fairfield the most business-friendly community in the state.

In its report issued earlier this month, the Yankee Institute, a non-profit research organization based in Hartford, cited that, “Fairfield’s economic vitality and transportation infrastructure push it to No. 1 on our list. In September 2014, Money magazine ranked Fairfield the 44th best place to live in the United States. The coastal town boasts two universities, multiple railroad stations, easy access to highways (and businesses like) R.C. Bigelow which is headquartered in Fairfield.”

The Yankee Institute issued the report after learning that there have been no comparisons in terms of attractiveness to business that exist among municipalities within Connecticut. The Yankee Institute recognizes that “Connecticut has so many advantages for businesses: an educated population and some of the country’s best schools, a prime location midway between Manhattan and Boston in the beautiful heart of New England, and a rich history of research and innovation. It is at the town level where economic development is encouraged.”

The Yankee Institute further noted, “Our aim is to bring a new statewide focus to the potentially positive power of local decision-making. We applaud the efforts of those Connecticut towns that are creating business-friendly economies.”

Towns were ranked based on “how thoroughly they represent various criteria that ensure business success and protection of the entrepreneurial spirit.” The following four categories were utilized to achieve the total score: Community Allure, Economic Vitality, Business Tax Burden and Transportation Infrastructure.

Fairfield received the highest score with towns like Greenwich, Westport and West Hartford rounding out the top ten.

First Selectman Tetreau stated, “This wonderful news is a great holiday gift and comes on the heels of our town unveiling the new “Buy Local” campaign to support our local businesses. We recognize the important role Fairfield’s businesses play in our local economy, job creation and defining our character and that is why the Town and Chamber work year-round to hold events like the upcoming Holiday Shop & Stroll, as well as create initiatives like the Fairfield Five to put a spotlight on the many great reasons to shop or open a business in Fairfield.”

Logo Source: www.yankeeinstitute.org