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10/12/2018 - Town Requests Information from Residents and Businesses on Damages/Loss Related to September 25-26 Flooding

The Town of Fairfield's Emergency Management Team has announced that the State Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection’s Division of Emergency Services and Public Protection (DESPP/DEMHS) has received communications from a number of municipalities regarding damages sustained as a result of the severe weather/flooding which occurred on 25-26 September, 2018. DESPP/DEMHS is undertaking an Initial Damage Assessment, (IDA) to estimate the extent of damage/loss sustained as a direct result of this event. Data collected during this IDA process will be used to determine whether damages resulting from this event are significant enough to justify a request for a joint Federal/State Preliminary Damage Assessment (PDA) and potentially a request for federal recovery assistance.

If you had damage/loss as a result of the September 25-26  severe weather event, please complete an online Damage Assessment Form.  Assessments received will be compiled by the Emergency Management Team and forwarded to DESPP/DEMHS.  We appreciate your help in collecting this data.  We must note that there is no damage reimbursement program for the September flooding that exists at this time.

For hard copy forms or assistance contact the Emergency Management Team at 140 Reef Rd, 2nd floor or 203-254-4720.