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1/15/2014 - Fairfield's Arts And Culture Highlighted
First Selectman Mike Tetreau announced today that the Fairfield County Business Journal has published a “FCBuzz Community Spotlight: Fairfield” page highlighting the Town’s riches of arts and culture. The Cultural Alliance of Fairfield County created this special feature to attract more people to the wide variety of arts and culture offered by each community in Fairfield County. The Cultural Alliance’s mission is to support cultural organizations, artists and creative businesses by providing promotion, services and advocacy. The FCBuzz Community Spotlight page celebrates Fairfield’s arts and cultural sector with a preview of upcoming events at some of the Town’s main cultural organizations. The Fairfield page also includes a letter from First Selectman Tetreau honoring and highlighting the the importance of the Town’s arts and culture, as well as information on the First Selectman’s Fairfield Arts Advisory Committee and the Town’s 375th Anniversary Committee. First Selectman Tetreau said, “This is a wonderful opportunity to promote the impressive arts and cultural programs and events that our community offers. As we kick off our 375th anniversary celebration this year , Fairfield is proud to celebrate the arts and culture that contribute to our Town’s vitality and high quality of life." See the FCBuzz page here.