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9/7/2018 - Public Safety Message from Your Fairfield Emergency Man't Team

When Hurricanes and Severe Weather are forecast for our region time is precious. Those who take some time to prepare each day will reduce their anxiety and have more options especially if conditions worsen. The Town of Fairfield Emergency Management Team uses a 96-hour preparedness format. We encourage all residents and businesses to do the same.

The 96-hour plan limits time and expense when the hurricane is still five (5) days away and the forecast is less reliable. The steps taken in those first 48 hours are measured. These simple steps are basically getting organized and provide some peace of mind. The precautions taken in the 48 to 24 hours prior to landfall become more urgent and may require to some expenditures as the forecast reliability increases.

We urge all residents to be prepared so you don’t become the emergency. We encourage parents to involve your children in the preparation process. This will lessen their anxiety if a storm makes landfall and these will be life skills that will serve them well as they grow into adults.

What to Do Right Now:

Sign up for CodeRED messages or update your information using the link on the Town of Fairfield website www.fairfieldct.org/codered.

You can determine how and where to receive these emergency messages. Options include emergency messages on your home, cell, or work phone by email and/or text message for storm information which includes a link to Hurricanes and Tropical Storms, www.fairfieldct.org/storm. Consider printing out any information you may need to refer to in case you are not able to use a powered device.

96- 72 Hours Prior to Landfall:
Monitor the weather for any updates in storm track severity and projected landfall.

Share with all family members.

Plan how you will communicate with family members if you lose power. For example, you can call,
text, mail or use social media. Designate a point of contact out of the area to serve as a key communication resource for all family members. Remember that during disasters, sending text messages is usually reliable and faster than making phone calls because phone lines are often overloaded.

Organize important paperwork especially insurance policies and bank account information.

Keep your car in good working condition and keep the gas tank full. Review your evacuation plan with your family. You may have to leave quickly so plan ahead. Emergency shelters like Fairfield Ludlowe
High School, 785 Unquowa Road, are available as a last resort.

Bookmark the Town of Fairfield website www.fairfieldct.org/storm for quick access to storm updates and emergency instructions.

Sign up for CodeRED messages or update your information using the link on the Town of Fairfield website www.fairfieldct.org/codered.  You can determine how and where to receive these emergency
messages. Options include emergency messages on you home cell or work phone, by email and/or text message.

72 - 48 Hours Prior to Landfall:

Install or test smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.

Put together a go-bag: disaster supply kit, including a flashlight, batteries, cash, first aid supplies, medications, and copies of your critical information if you need to evacuate.

Build or restock your emergency preparedness kit. Include food and water sufficient for at least three days, medications, a flashlight, batteries, cash and first aid supplies. Consider what is in the refrigerator and freezer. Without power, this food may not survive a long power outage.

Stock your vehicle with emergency supplies and a change of clothes.

Bring loose, lightweight objects inside that could become projectiles in high winds (e.g. patio furniture, garbage cans); anchor objects that would be unsafe to bring inside (e.g. propane tanks).

Secure loose rain gutters and downspouts and clear any clogged areas or debris to prevent water damage to your property.

Refill any necessary prescriptions.

48 - 24 Hours Prior to Landfall:

Make plans for early evacuation of medically fragile and older family members.

Check on neighbors to know who are nearby to help you or may need your help.

Make arrangements for pets.

Charge phones, computers and tablets. Have a battery-operated radio available.

If in a flood prone area, move household items up above anticipated flood levels. Move chemicals, cleaners and paints above flood zone to prevent contamination of basements or garages.

If you're not in an area that is recommended for evacuation, plan to stay at home and let
friends and family know where you are.

Turn your refrigerator and freezer to the coldest setting and open only when necessary. If you lose power, food will last longer. Keep a thermometer in the refrigerator to be able to check the food temperature when the power is restored.

Clear storm drains and catch basis of accumulated leaves and debris to insure better drainage.

24 Hours to Landfall:

If you are ordered to evacuate, know where to go. Know and have a plan for where you can stay.
In flood prone areas move cars to higher ground.

Secure propane tanks to prevent wind and flood waters from dislodging them.

Close propane valves completely.

Close storm shutters and stay away from windows. Flying glass from broken windows could injure you. Do not tape windows. Tape won't protect glass from flying debris and will create a greater hazard due to larger pieces of broken glass flying about.

Turn on your TV/radio, or check www.fairfieldct.org/storm regularly in order to get the latest weather updates and emergency instructions. Tune in to Cablevision News 12, Channel 8, WTNH, WICC 600 A.M. or WEBE 107.9 F.M.

Landfall and After:

Stay indoors. Use battery operated lights/flashlights if power is out. Do not use candles.

If you need to use a generator due to power outages, make sure it is operating outside your home and not anywhere in your home which would lead to Carbon Dioxide poisoning.

Use 911 only for emergencies. Call the Town’s Emergency Information Line at 203-254-4899 to hear recorded storm or other emergency messages.

For continued updated information refer to www.fairfieldct.org/storm.

Listen for CodeRED updates. There will be at least one (1) per day in the days leading up to and immediately following the hurricane.

United Illuminating customers can sign up to receive Power Outage Alerts specifically related to their
accounts via text, email or voice on United Illuminating’s Alerts web page.

Contact UI's automated phone line to report power outages at 1-800-722-5584. If you see someone in imminent danger due to damaged electrical equipment or downed lines, you should call 911 first.

Please note that power cannot be restored while sustained wind speeds are above 35 mph. Have your UI account # readily accessible when calling UI to report an outage.

Visit UI’s Online Storm Center for a map of current power outages, restoration priorities and other information related to power outages.

If you need to use a generator due to power outages, make sure it is operating outside your home and not anywhere in your home which would lead to Carbon Dioxide poisoning.

Town Closures and Cancellations:
Please check www.fairfieldct.org/storm for updates on closures and cancellations.

See the Fairfield Public Schools website for school closure information.

General Storm-Related Resources:

Read our Emergency Preparedness tips.

Stay informed—sign up for CodeRED for important phone messages; sign up for our News and Announcements email notifications.

Register to receive United Illuminating’s Storm Alert Broadcasts on the United Illuminating’s
Alerts web page.

Thank you and Stay Safe,

Your Emergency Management Team
Town of Fairfield, CT