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11/21/2017 - Town Celebrates Launch of Solar Carports at Fairfield Ludlowe High School-Residents Offered Opportunity to "Go Solar" at Home via Solarize Fairfield Program

First Selectman Mike Tetreau announced today that Fairfield Ludlowe High School (FLHS) has marked a big step toward a clean energy future on November 13, 2017 when the Town celebrated the launch of new solar-power carports at the school with a ribbon cutting ceremony.

FHLS’ solar power array, including solar panels previously installed on the school’s roof, will generate two-thirds of the electricity used by the school. Similar solar carports will go on line shortly at Fairfield Warde High School. Together, the two solar facilities will save the Town at least $1.2 million in energy costs over the next 20 years.

Zero Cost, Big Energy Savings
First Selectman Tetreau stated, “These projects have been completed at zero cost to Fairfield, and in return, the high schools will have a reliable source of power that will not increase in price over time which is a big budgetary positive for our Town.”  First Selectman Tetreau continued, “Delivering huge tangible benefits for our high schools today, the carports also represent just the latest example of our long-term commitment to the use of clean, renewable energy all throughout Fairfield.”

Skyview Ventures, a leading renewable energy company, designed, financed and constructed the solar carports, and will maintain them for the Town. “Skyview did an exceptional job of meeting a very tight construction schedule for the projects this past summer,” said Scott Thompson, Chairman of the Fairfield Clean Energy Task Force.

Mr. Thompson further stated, “We are excited that the carports will give students and teachers protection from the elements for their cars, outlets for plugging in electric vehicles and – even more importantly – a close-up learning experience regarding the power and potential of clean energy technology. We hope the carports, visible to everyone in Fairfield County who attends a high school sporting event, will inspire other individuals and communities to follow Fairfield’s lead and take action on clean energy.”

In recent years, Fairfield has completed dozens of clean energy projects that have improved community air quality, reduced dependence on unstable fuel supplies, and strengthened the security of the Town’s energy sources. In addition to the environmental benefits, such efforts are now yielding nearly $3 million in annual energy cost savings for the Town – with a cumulative multi-year cost saving in the tens of millions of dollars.

Going Solar at Home
Leading by example, the Town also hopes to inspire homeowners to consider installing solar on their own homes through the town-supported Solarize Fairfield program. Solarize Fairfield is part of Solarize Connecticut, a unique community-based program to increase the use of residential solar state-wide with special discount pricing. All Green it Solar is providing the solar installations in Fairfield.

To qualify for discount pricing, contracts for new solar installations need to be signed by February 22, 2018. Solarize Fairfield offers residents access to special financing options that make going solar affordable with no upfront costs. A federal tax credit and other incentives are also available.

Homeowners who want to learn more can go directly to www.SolarizeCT.com/Fairfield
or contact All Green it Solar at 866-251-7854. Residents who live in surrounding communities can also participate in Solarize by going to www.SolarizeCT.com.

For more information, please contact Fairfield Clean Energy Task Force Chairman Scott Thompson at 203-912-0211 or SmartPower’s Community Outreach Manager Chamae Mejias at 860-331-1041.

The photos shows the launching of the school's new solar-power carports at a Ribbon Cutting  Ceremony on November 13, 2017. Members of the Fairfield Ludlowe High School community and the Fairfield Clean Energy Task Force were among those joining First Selectman Mike Tetreau.