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10/17/2016 - Greater Fairfield Bd of REALTORS® and Town Collaborate On Newly Upgraded Pocket Park

First Selectman Mike Tetreau announced today that The Greater Fairfield Board of REALTORS® (GFBOR) and the Town of Fairfield have partnered in a joint effort to make significant enhancements to the pocket park at the corner of Reef Road and Oldfield Road and transform it into a more inviting and attractive space.

First Selectman Tetreau and members of the GFBOR, including President Stephanie Barnes and the Project’s Co-Chairs Kristen DeLaurentiis and Michael Traum, gathered on October 17, 2016 to officially open the newly upgraded pocket park. Also in attendance were Mark Barnhart, Director of Community and Economic Development, Gerry Lombardo, Director of Parks and Recreation, George Kaczegowicz, DPW’s General Manager of Streets and Highways, Jeff Minder, Tree Warden, State Representative Brenda Kupchick and various members of the GFBOR.

The Greater Fairfield Board of REALTORS® had received a $3,000 place-making grant from the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®. The grant is intended to help REALTOR® associations partner with others to plan, organize, implement and maintain place-making activities in their communities. “REALTORS® live, work and volunteer in their communities and take immense pride in working to improve them” said GFBOR President Stephanie Barnes.

Place-making can help foster healthier, more social and economically viable communities. It creates places where people feel a strong stake in their neighborhoods and are committed to making things better. “As the area becomes more attractive and welcoming, nearby properties may also increase in value”, Barnes commented.

The GFBOR collaborated with the Town to find a suitable town-owned property in the downtown area. GFBOR used the grant funding for materials and to purchase three new benches with plaques engraved on them naming the organization as the donor.

Fairfield’s Department of Public Works spent about 100 hours of labor on this project. Community and Economic Development Director Mark Barnhart, who helped identify the location, utilized the Downtown Improvement Fund for materials. Fairfield Tree Warden Jeff Minder helped add a more aesthetic appeal to the site by designing a landscaping plan that includes new plants and new trees. There is also a winding brick pathway that now runs through the pocket park.

First Selectman Tetreau said, “It is so rewarding to see such a beautiful transformation of this pocket park thanks to the successful public-private partnership between the GFBOR and the Town. I appreciate and thank everyone from the GFBOR and the Town who contributed to this community project for all to see and enjoy!”

For more information, please contact Fran Cormier, Executive Officer, Greater Fairfield Board of REALTORS®, at 203-255-0497 or gfbor@fairfieldboardrealtors.com or Jennifer Carpenter, Deputy Chief of Staff, First Selectman's Office, at 203-256-3095 or jcarpenter@fairfieldct.org.

The photo shows from left to right, front row: Project Co-Chair Kristen DeLaurentiis, GFBOR President Stephanie Barnes, and Fran Cormier, Executive Officer, Greater Fairfield Board of REALTORS®, sitting on one of the new park benches, along with Project Co-Chair Michael Traum who is holding one end of the ribbon, St. Representative Brenda Kupchik who is standing to Mr. Traum’s right, First Selectman Mike Tetreau who is about to cut the ribbon, and various GFBOR members and town officials.

Photo Credit: Kendra Wingate