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7/27/2016 - What’s New at Fairfield Beaches? Improved Handicap Access!

First Selectman Mike Tetreau announced today that the Town of Fairfield has recently completed several projects to improve handicap accessibility to the shoreline. These upgrades have enabled and improved access at Jennings Beach, South Benson Marina, Sasco Beach, Ye Yacht Yard and Southport Beach. “These projects are part of an ongoing plan to improve Fairfield’s recreational facilities for everyone, including our seniors and those that need help with access,” Tetreau said.

At Jennings Beach, rest rooms and parking have been upgraded. Jennings’ rest rooms have been reconstructed for full handicap access. A dedicated ADA parking area, closer to the Beach and Pavilion, adds 10 handicap parking spaces. According to Public Works director Joseph Michelangelo, the benefits of this new parking are two-fold. “It not only provides safer and more accessible parking, but also improves runoff by utilizing pervious pavers,” Michelangelo says. “Our Town Beaches are one of Fairfield’s best natural and recreational resources. Making our beaches accessible to everyone in our community is very important. We hope to build and expand upon the current projects in the future.”

The adjacent South Benson Marina now features a handicap-accessible walkway, which includes over 1800 square feet of concrete sidewalk with additional benches, extending from the Marina to the Fishing Pier. A handicap accessible picnic area covering 1500 square feet was added to this popular walkway as well.

At Sasco Beach new sidewalks link the beach, the parking area and the handicap accessible rest rooms.

Ye Yacht Yard, located in historic Southport Harbor, now boasts a new storage and restroom building. The restroom is completely handicap accessible and provides facilities to visitors and those using the new boat ramp or participating in the sailing programs.

Nearby Southport Beach has seen 550 feet of new concrete sidewalk installed, a new life guard shack built and the restrooms upgraded for handicap accessibility. Parks and Recreation Director Gerry Lombardo sums it up. “We strive to make all of our recreational facilities and beaches accessible to all our residents. These new improvements will make it easier for elderly and handicapped residents to enjoy their time at the beach.”

Photograph shows, from left to right, Public Works Director Joe Michelangelo, First Selectman Mike Tetreau and Parks and Recreation Director Gerry Lombardo on a new sidewalk at Sasco Beach.