Flood Protection Information

Flooding in Fairfield is a well-documented natural hazard that can threaten life and property in our community. This web page provides links and information on flooding-related issues for residents and prospective property owners.

MetroCOG Resources

MetroCOG, the Town of Fairfield's regional planning agency, provides comprehensive information on its website regarding flood protection.  Click here to access information regarding flood risks, flood insurance and other online resources related to reducing exposure to flooding.

FEMA Flood Insurance

The Town Plan and Zoning Department can provide information for residents on FEMA flood insurance including flood map determinations.  This information is available during regular office hours or by phone (203) 256-3050.  This information can also be searched online by choosing the Town of Fairfield web-viewer option in the "Info + Links" box on MetroCOG's Flood Protection home page.  The page also has links to other important flood protection information.

Flood Control Measures

The Town of Fairfield's Flood & Erosion Control Board (FECB) plans, constructs, reconstructs and manages the Town's flood and erosion control system.   Click here for information on the Town's flood control measures.   Visit the Board's home page at for more information about the Board.

Hazard Mitigation Grants

The Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) provided funding assistance to homeowners to help with the cost of elevating their homes.  All funding has been awarded.