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Fire Prevention Resources

The following information is provided to help residents stay safe, learn how to avoid potential accidents and what to do in an emergency situation.

CO Safety

Carbon Monoxide is an invisible and odorless gas that is unable to be detected by humans. Below are important documents with tips about installing and maintaining CO alarms and what to do if it sounds.

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Cooking Safety

There are numerous accidents and home fires that occur each year due to improper use of cooking devices and unsafe practices. To learn some safety tips about how to properly use a stove, microwave and grill to avoid any injuries or fires please refer to the flyers below.

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While fireworks are enjoyable for the whole family they can also be very dangerous if used improperly. Fireworks have been reported to cause over 18,000 fires and over 10,000 injuries per year. To see what fireworks are legal in CT and to learn some important safety tips on dealing with fire works read the flyers below.

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Heaters and Generators

Heaters and generators are good to have in the cold winter months or during a storm but can cause serious injuries or even death if not used properly. To learn important safety tips and information on how to use heaters and generators properly view the flyers below.

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Holiday Safety

Holidays give families the opportunity to come together and have fun in a number of ways, but also provide many opportunities for accidents, fires and injuries. Please read the flyers below to learn about proper fire safety as well as tips for safe decorating, cooking and candle use.

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Recreational Fires

Fire pits, bowls and chimneas are commonly used in Fairfield and can be enjoyed when proper safety measures are take. Refer to the flyers below for guidelines and tips for fire pits, fire bowls and chimneas.

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Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms are essential for having a safe home and a proper fire escape plan. Working smoke alarms give families an early warning of a fire which can be lifesaving in emergency situations. See the flying below for important smoke alarm information and tips.

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Miscellaneous Safety

Below are a number of informational flyers containing important safety tips that pertain to a number of situations.

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