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Effective August 23, an indoor mask policy is in effect in the Town of Fairfield. 


Fire Operations

The Fairfield Fire Department is on duty 24/7/365.  All of Fairfield's five fire districts are normally staffed with career fire personnel.

Fire Districts

Fire Protection is divided into districts. Districts date back many years and were originally based on how far the horses could pull the early fire pumpers. We still use fire districts when dispatching although they have been adjusted for the capabilities of modern fire apparatus and tactics. Click here to see a map of the fire districts!

The term "company" includes the vehicle, personnel and equipment. Different companies perform different functions (tasks) at an emergency.

The effectiveness of a company is completely dependent on the number of personnel available to drive the truck to an emergency, use the equipment and hose lines, and operate the truck. Each station has a company officer while all units are overseen by a Shift Commander.

Normally, there are 23 firefighters on duty at a minimum in the town. In the event of a forecasted weather event, disaster or during larger emergencies, we increase that number of firefighters to meet the needs of the town. Through a system of planned call back, additional apparatus are placed in service to cover the many calls that occur simultaneously throughout town.

Personnel are distributed so as to provide the quickest response to the majority of incidents. Depending on the type of call received, more than one apparatus may need to respond. In addition, different types of apparatus are sent to different types of emergencies based on the individual call needs.

Consult the table below and our district map for district and company details.

District Map
Companies Personnel
Downtown and Beach -Reef Rd  Purple Engine 1
Rescue 1
1 Lieutenant and 2 firefighters
3 Firefighters
Jennings and Tunxis Hill  Blue Car 3 - Town Wide Shift Commander
Engine 2
Ladder 2
Assistant Chief and Aide (FF)
1 Lieutenant and 2 firefighters
3 firefighters
 Stratfield  Red Engine 3 1 Lieutenant and 2 firefighters
 Southport  Yellow Engine 4 1 Lieutenant and 2 firefighters
 Greenfield Hill  Green Engine 5 1 Lieutenant and 2 firefighters

Fire Apparatus

The engines below are a sample of those used in each of the districts in emergencies. Each engine and ladder is assigned to a specific district in order to ensure that there are available units in case of an emergency in any district.  The Fire Department has a wide variety of engines and ladders available to deploy to any type of emergency to satisfy the individual needs of that specific emergency.