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8/20/2019 - Fairfield Announces Results of Phase 2 Soil Testing of Sidewalk Area of Gould Manor Park
  • Levels of arsenic, lead and asbestos detected in initial soil sample testing
  • Awaiting additional test results to guide remediation plan
  • Town to cordon off affected area until remediation is completed

The Fairfield Department of Health has received the Phase 2 results of the soil testing that was carried out on the sidewalk area of Gould Manor Park along Holland Hill Road. According to the lab tests conducted by Phoenix Environmental Laboratories, levels of arsenic and lead were found slightly above the regulated permissible levels in the soil on either side of the sidewalk and, as previously noted, pieces of shingle containing asbestos were found in the same area.

As part of the protocols the Town has established, with the guidance of the State Department of Health and the State Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, the areas alongside the sidewalk on Holland Hill Road adjacent to Gould Manor Park will be cordoned off until the area is remediated. The sidewalk itself, however, will remain open as it is safe to use.

The Town is now working with Tighe & Bond, a Licensed Environmental Professional (LEP), to analyze the results of an additional set of soil samples in order to guide the proper remediation plan.

Phase 2 results can be viewed here. Details of the remediation plan and its progress will be updated on the Town’s special webpage: .

Residents with questions about these reports may contact the Fairfield Department of Health at:

The Town of Fairfield initiated this testing process upon learning that possibly-contaminated material was dumped at the Town’s aggregate fill pile and then used on town properties as fill or topsoil during the period 2013-2016, when Julian Development was managing the aggregate site, located at the DPW facility on Richard White Way. The Town is seeking damages from Julian Development for the costs the Town has incurred because Julian Development allowed the dumping of hazardous material at the fill pile, in violation of its contract with the Town.