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Fairfield Easton Medical Reserve Corps


The role of the Fairfield-Easton Medical Reserve Corps (FE-MRC) is to assist the Fairfield and Easton Health Departments in times of public health or other emergencies with task such as the mass dispensing of vaccines or antibiotics or with the mass care/shelter needs of the residents of Fairfield and Easton. While the word “Medical” does appear in our title, it is important to understand that a successful response to almost any event would require the commitment of many non-medical members working alongside our medical members. The FE-MRC currently has about 348 members including 213 medical members and 135 non-medical members. The FE-MRC is comprised of volunteer residents mostly from the towns of Fairfield and Easton and is coordinated and supported by the staff of the Fairfield Health Department.

Contact Information: 
Sands Cleary
Sullivan Independence Hall
725 Old Post Road
(203) 256-3020
Fairfield, CT 06824

Unit Volunteers (348 Total) : 

Volunteer Type and Count

Physicians   46 
Physician Assistants   1 
Nurse Practitioners   5 
Nurses  128 
Pharmacists   2 
Dentists   20 
Veterinarians   0 
Mental Health Professionals   4 
EMS Professionals  6 
Respiratory Therapists  0 
Other Public Health/Medical  1 
Non-Public Health/Non-Medical  135