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FairTV On Demand

07/01/2019: FairTV is in the process of moving to YouTube for On Demand content.  Meetings from 7/1/2019 on and 2019-2020 Budget Meetings can be viewed on one of the two FairTV YouTube channels.  All other meetings (January - June 2019) can be viewed on the Discover Video website.  See details and links below.

 YouTube - Education Channel

 YouTube - Government Channel

 Discover Video Website (older content)

 FairTV On Demand is currently hosted by YouTube and Discover Video. Videos are typically uploaded within 48 hours of a meeting.

Viewing On Demand Content

 Click the YouTube buttons below to access the FairTV Education and FairTV Government YouTube channels.  When visiting, YouTube, click on the "Playlists" button to view a list of content by category (i.e. a particular board, commission or other grouping).

 Education  Government

For content  from January to June 30 2019 (excluding budget meetings) visit the Discover Video website.

Older Content

For access to older content (8 months +), please visit the Fairfield Public Library's Computer Lab at 1080 Old Post Road in Fairfield to access the FairTV archives. Archived content is not available online.


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