2/27/2023 - Vaping: A few things parents ought to know



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Fairfield CARES encourages parents to have conversations with their kids about vaping. Vaping is just as bad as smoking.  It is just another means of putting poisons and toxins into the body. Among other things, vaping can cause lung disease, affect the body’s circulation of oxygen, and cause addiction to a substance that is very challenging to overcome, whether it be nicotine or marijuana/cannabis. Vaping heats chemicals, as opposed to burning them as in cigarettes, changing the molecular structure which allows very fine toxic particles to enter the lungs, and putting heavy metals and cancer causing chemicals into the body including lead, cadmium, and formaldehyde.

Why has vaping become so popular among teens? According to a 2022 CDC study, 84.9% of teen e-cigarette users vaped a flavor, fruit flavors and candy or dessert flavors being the most popular.  What is most alarming is that more than 1 of 4 (27.6%) were vaping every day. Additionally, recent research from the Truth Initiative found that the nicotine content of these sweet flavored vapes is often higher than regular tobacco flavored vapes, and often priced lower, increasing the likelihood of addiction.  

Both nicotine and marijuana/cannabis impair brain functioning. Both increase anxiety, not alleviate it.  Here’s a website that the Fairfield CARES Youth Committee (FCYC) is promoting to its peers. Check it out and discuss it with your teen:

To help teens quit vaping, quit resources have been shared with area high schools.  If your child vapes, encourage them to check out these three resources:

Read our full February Newsletter here.