11/28/2022 - From Teens For Teens: Girl Scout Troop 32209 developed mental health website

From Teens For Teens:

Girl Scout Troop 32209 developed mental health website for teens and young adults.

Hello! We are Girl Scout Troop 32209, our names are Ava, Lauren, and Molly. We created this website to help teens and young adults manage their mental wellness and stress levels. It is also a safe space for anyone that needs it! As a Girl Scout, we work towards achieving the three highest awards, which are the Bronze Award (Juniors), Silver Award (Cadettes) and Gold Award (Senior / Ambassador). Our troop designed this website as part of our Silver Award.

Before you can start working on each award, you need to do a Journey.  Every Girl Scout grade level has different Journeys to choose from that include a sustainable Take Action project and all the exploration, discovery, and adventure to power a lifetime of leadership and success!

Our Journey, focusing on building and maintaining relationships and improving our communication skills, helped to lead us to the idea for the website. We were mainly focused on learning more about how to seek support from trusted adults, how to identify and prevent bullying and how to make and maintain healthy friendships. Our Take Action project was making a buddy bench for an elementary school! All of the things we learned plus seeing the topic, mental wellness, all over - school, social media and in our family and friends - lead us to the final decision. We wanted to spread awareness and resources about mental wellness because it is important in many ways. We’ve learned so much and are just so proud of ourselves!!