11/18/2022 - You are invited: Life Teammates & The Power To Deliver Hope

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Join us at Chip's Restaurant on Tunxis Hill Cutoff in Fairfield on November 18th, at 7:30 am for a moving and motivating presentation by John Trautwein, former Boston Red Sox Pitcher, about his personal story of tragedy and hope. When John, and his wife Suzie lost their son Will to mental illness and suicide at the age of 15, they saw no warning signs that their apparently happy and popular son was struggling. To raise awareness about teen suicide and the challenges our teens face in today's world, they created the "Will to Live Foundation." Come hear John's story and find out how to support a culture where it is okay to not be okay - and to encourage kids to talk about it and deliver hope to each other - as true Life Teammates.

Life Teammates & The Power To Deliver Hope ...

Your Life Teammates are those “Life Friends” who are always
there for you and you are always there for them!
On & Off The Field!
Who are your Life Teammates? Do they know?

"We are dedicated to raising the awareness of teen suicide and mental illness in our communities. Through education, motivation, fellowship and most importantly love, we will motivate these young adults to recognize the power they have to deliver hope and understanding to each other – increasing their own Will To Live in doing so."
- John Trautwein, WTL Co-Founder

Join us on the 18th and find out how you too can:
RAISE AWARENESS - of teen suicide in our communities
INCREASE EDUCATION - of mental illnesses like depression their stigmas
DELIVER HOPE - to teens everywhere through our Life Teammates® programs

 RSVP here by November 15th