5/17/2019 - Tips to make Prom Night memorable in the most positive way

Fairfield CARES wishes everyone a fun and safe prom season

The excitement for junior and senior prom dances is palpable in Fairfield.
Please take a moment with your teen and review your expectations and hopes for a fun evening that will be memorable in the most positive way.

SetTheRulesCT is an excellent resource for parents to help prevent underage drinking. For additional tips and info, Your Teen Magazine offers great tips for Prom Night Safety. Power to the Parent offers an entire site devoted to prom tips, including a video and handy brochure.
To freshen up your knowledge of the Connecticut Social Host Laws:

If you do not already have one of our decals posted by your door, consider printing a copy and posting it to signal to other teens and parents that your house is a safe, substance free place: