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About the Fairfield CARES Community Coalition

Mission Statement

The Fairfield CARES Community Coalition brings together citizens, educators and leaders from a broad spectrum of the Fairfield Community in order to address the problem of alcohol abuse, particularly among youth and young adults. The task force was convened at the request of the First Selectman’s Office and serves to research, educate and advocate for ways in which we as a community might foster an effective, responsible and compassionate approach to the abuse of alcohol and other substances.


The vision of the Fairfield CARES Task Force on Alcohol and Health is of a community in which over drinking is socially discouraged and healthy lifestyles are positively reinforced.

Please see our orientation packet for detailed info.

Click on the image to see and download a full size version of our brochure:

Check out our 5 year timeline for our CSC grant period (click on image for pdf with hyperlinks):