Day Parking

Below is information pertaining to Day Parking at the Fairfield Center and Southport Train Stations.  Day parking at the Fairfield Center and Southport Stations is managed by the Parking Authority.  For information on Permit Parking visit our Permit Parking web page.

Day Parking Fees apply Monday-Friday, 5am-5pm.  Parking is free on weekdays after 5pm, weekends and major holidays


Day Parking Costs

Day Parking is available at the Fairfield Center and Southport train stations for $6.50 per day.  Parking is also available at the Trinity Church Lot.  Please note the Mill Plain Lot is temporarily closed to all parkers, commuters and public, while Yale New Haven Hospital is hosting a COVID Testing Site at the Lot. Please do not park in the Mill Plain Lot. Day parking fees are assessed Monday through Friday, 5am through 5pm.  Parking is free after 5:00 pm on weekdays and on weekends and major holidays.

Day Parking fees are $6.50 per business day and must be paid at the kiosk or on the mobile app within 1 hour of entry to the Lot.  

  • The KIOSK is located on NY/Westbound side by the Station House.  Credit and debit cards are accepted; no cash.
    • Enter your license plate and select the number of days you are parking.  (Weekends and major/federal holidays are excluded.)  A receipt will print at the completion of your transaction.
  • Sign up for the MOBILE APP at
    • Upon opening the App, you must enter the parking zone, as follows:
      • Fairfield Center Station Lot 93090
      • Mill Plain Lot 93091
      • Southport Station 93092
      • Trinity Lot 93093
    • Signage with the Zone Numbers are in the Lots, particularly in the Day Parking areas.  Please make a note of the zone numbers, particularly if paying while on train.
  • Payment for multiple days is available on both the kiosk and the mobile app. Both the kiosk and mobile app allow payment on a weekend to cover the next business day(s).  
  • Payment at the Kiosk or on the Mobile App must be paid within 1 hour of parking. Failure to do so may result in a Police Citation.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Your license plate must face the aisle so that it may be read by the License Plate Reader vehicle as it passes through the lots. If your vehicle has only one plate, please park accordingly.  If your plate is not visible, you may receive a citation.


Day Parking Locations

Fairfield Center Station:  Day parking is available at the Fairfield Center Station on the Westbound (NY) side of the tracks in designated areas marked with green signs with yellow writing and yellow line striping.  Consult the Fairfield Center Station Parking Map to view the location of Day Parking spaces at the Fairfield Center Station. PLEASE NOTE: While Main Lot is underutilized, Day Parkers may park in permit spaces with no penalty. A return to the Day Parking Area will be communicated when required. 

Southport Station (including Trinity Church Lot): Day parking is available at Southport Station on the Westbound (NY) side of the tracks and at Trinity Church Parking Lot on Center Street in designated areas marked with green signs with yellow writing and yellow line striping. After 9:00am, day parking is allowed in any open parking space. 


Paying Day Fee Tickets (R Tickets) Received prior to 7/1/20

If you received a day parking fee ticket on your windshield prior to 7/1/20, you may pay in person, or by mail, phone or online on the online payment website.  The payment website accepts credit and debit cards as well as some Flexible Transit Spending account cards. You will need your ticket number or your license plate number to pay. 

By Mail:  Mail payment along with ticket to:

              Parking Authority of Fairfield
              725 Old Post Road
              Fairfield, CT 06824

By Phone:  You may pay by phone using a credit card. Dial 1-631-459-4400. 

Online: Click here to pay for day parking online or type in following url for the payment website: You will need at least one ticket number or your license plate number to pay.  Please be sure to pay within ten business days (including the date of ticket issuance) to avoid late charges.  There is a $3.50 convenience fee for handling online payments.

In Person: Tickets may be paid at the Parking Authority office, located on the 2nd floor of Independence Hall, 725 Old Post Road, Fairfield.  Counter hours are 9am-4pm, Monday through Friday. 


Appealing a Ticket

All appeals must be made through the payment website within 10 business days of the citation.  Please click here to complete an Appeals to go to the payment website. Enter your ticket or license plate #, then select Appeals.  


More Information

If you have any questions on Day Parking, please call the office (203-256-3053) or email the Parking Authority at