Fairfield COVID-19 Recovery Fund
This fund has been established by the Town of Fairfield to provide limited, one-time assistance to Fairfield residents who continue to be adversely impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.
Requests may exceed the funding; consequently, financial assistance will be granted on a first come, first served basis.
Applications may be submitted via email, USPS (regular mail), or in person. Supporting documentation will be required in order to process the application (see next page).
Applicants must also demonstrate that they have exhausted any other assistance funds or available resources for which they may be eligible. The application and review committee may refer applicants to other resources as appropriate.
Applicants must be current on all tax obligations to the Town of Fairfield at time of application.
Financial assistance will be considered for housing and essential household costs such as utilities; child care; auto loans and expenses; medical bills and health care expenses; other bills upon request and explanation, excluding credit card debt; business and investment losses, or any other expenses/losses unrelated to the pandemic or deemed inappropriate by the application and/or review committee.


Required Documentation
  • Income documentation from employment for all household members
  • Documentation regarding any other sources of income, e.g. SSI, disability, child support, alimony, inheritance, SNAP, unemployment, PUA, etc.
  • Residency verification
  • Savings and checking account statement/s (Please bring ALL pages of bank statement/s even if a page is blank)
  • Additional asset documentation - e.g. investments, life insurance policies, retirement accounts, stocks/bonds, CDs, etc.  (Please bring ALL pages of statement/s even if a page is blank)
  • Documentation of a completed or pending application for UniteCT funds if requesting assistance with housing-related costs such as rent, utilities or mortgage payments. UniteCT is administered through CHFA (Connecticut Housing Finance Authority). To apply, call 1-844-864-8328 or apply online at

PLEASE NOTE: COVID-19 Recovery Funds will be paid directly to Bill/s on the applicant’s behalf (for example, to the applicant’s landlord, mortgage lender, daycare provider, or utility company). Along with current bills, invoices, receipts and other supporting documentation, clients must obtain a W-9 and Tax ID number for all Bill/s in question.
How to Apply for Financial Assistance
  1. Click the APPLICATION button below to download the form. 
  2. Print/Complete the application form, filling in all required information
  3. Mail application form to:

Fairfield COVID 19 Recovery Fund
c/o Town of Fairfield Social Services Department
100 Mona Terrace
Fairfield, CT 06824


If you would like an application mailed to you, please contact us below. 


Call: 203.256.3170