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Picnic Areas                     

Gould Manor
Owen Fish *

655 Holland Hill Road
1443 Stratfield Road
909 Reef Road     


  * The American Legion Hall at Owen Fish Park may also be rented providing a rainy day solution to your Picnic Area Rental. To rent the American Legion Hall, call 203-374-8363.  

Outdoor Picnic Areas– Available April 1st – October 31st

Fairfield Residents, 18 years and older, are able to reserve an outdoor Picnic Area by calling Parks & Recreation at 203.256.3191, visiting in person at our office at 75 Mill Plain Road, or via our new Online Registration Website. Picnic Season is from April 1st through October 31st. Reservations are able to be made as of January 2nd.  Located at Gould Manor, Owen Fish & Veteran’s Park, these three (3) designated Picnic Areas are also equipped with picnic tables, garbage receptacles, playground equipment and bathroom facilities.  There is no fee for making a picnic reservation. Please note, tents and alcoholic beverages of any kind are not permitted in any Town of Fairfield park. To reserve a picnic area online: 

  1. Login to our new program registration website at
  2. Input your username and password.
  3. From the top toolbar, select “Search” and then the drop down, “Facility Search”
    1. There, you can filter your search by putting in the requested Date & Facility Class (ex. Picnic) and select search.
  4. Green blocks highlight available time slots.
  5. Select your preferred time slot and, when prompted, in the lower left of the screen “Add to Cart”
  6. The software will confirm which member of your family is reserving the picnic area. Toggle on the family member making the reservation.
  7. The software will confirm the reason for your reservation; please feel free to type in something generic like “Family Reunion” or “Employee Appreciation Outing”.
  8. You will be automatically brought to your shopping cart. At this stage you can either choose to “check-out”, “empty cart” or “continue shopping”.
  9. To check out, select check out, verify contact information and hit “continue”. By hitting continue, you will complete the registration process and a confirmation email and receipt will be generated.
  10. You are encouraged to keep the digital copy of your permit accessible during your reservation.