Rules & Regulations

Resident Season Pass Holder Eligibility

A resident of the Town of Fairfield is one who resides at the address given as proof of residency in the Town of Fairfield and/or pays property or personal taxes to the Town of Fairfield. Documents needed for proof of residency: Driver’s license and automobile registration. All address changes to be verified by two of the following: Current real estate tax bill from the Town of Fairfield, and/or, current utility bill with name and address.


   Reservations may be made by Season Pass Holders Only
   One per hour, per card (or 1-1/2 hours at supervisor’s discretion) 
   Maximum 3 hours per week 
   Programs excluded 
   Reservation may be made up to one week in advance 
   You may not reserve for another season pass holder on a second court 
   Non-season pass holders may reserve a court up to one day prior 
   Last reservation time is 8:30 pm Monday through Friday, 5:00 pm Saturday and 7:00 pm Sunday 

Appropriate tennis attire and proper tennis sneakers for soft courts required.  Shirts must be worn at all times.

Manners Posted at Tennis Center. Court attendant may remove you for an infraction without refund.

No Alcohol Allowed

No Teaching Baskets Allowed - Court attendant has final authority.