Permanent Resident w/ Company Car - "A" STICKER  -  Access to all Beaches, Marina & Dump - $25.00
Must provide current Fairfield Residential Property Tax Bill, copy of car registration and a letter on Company letterhead stating that resident has sole use of vehicle.

Residential Property Tax Payers - "B" STICKER  -  Access to all Beaches & Marina - $75.00
Must provide current Fairfield Residential Property Tax Bill and copy of car registration with same name. (Properties listed as LLC's, Partnerships or Businesses do not qualify for property owner discounts)

Non-Resident Town of Fairfield Employee  -  "B" STICKER  -  Access to all Beaches & Marina - $65.00
Must be full time, permanent part time or honorably retired former Town of Fairfield employee. Must provide proof of employment with a current Town of Fairfield pay stub and vehicle registration in the same name.   (limit 2 per employee)

Non-Resident Veterans - "B" STICKER  -  Access to all Beaches & Marina - $65.00
Must be an honorably discharged veteran who was a resident of the Town of Fairfield at the time they entered the service. Veteran will be required to provide a DD214 form citing Fairfield as the Town they live in when they entered the service.