About the Fairfield Forestry Committee

The Fairfield Forestry Committee promotes stewardship of town-owned trees and assists the town Tree Warden with implementing the town’s Community Forest Management Plan. The committee promotes awareness and appreciation for the environmental, economic, and cultural value of trees in Fairfield.  


The committee pursues its mission by:

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Powers and Duties 

Duties include:

  • Providing information concerning the Town's community forest management program, the importance of trees, and other forest management topics to the general public, Town agencies and officials, and others;
  • Organizing and conducting special public events and programs to encourage participation in the Town's community forest management program and strengthen public support for the program;
  • Providing opportunities for citizens to express comments and recommendations regarding the Town's community forest management program;
  • Conducting studies and investigations at the direction of the Tree Warden for the purpose of providing information to support and advance the Town's community forest management program;
  • Providing advisory assistance to the Tree Warden for preparing, amending, and implementing the Town's Community Forest Management Plan;
  • Pursuing grants and other sources of funds to advance the Town's community forest management program; and
  • Encouraging and supporting the participation of residents and neighborhood groups for implementing the Community Forest Management Plan.


Fairfield Tree Warden, Ken Placko, announced the formation of the Fairfield Forestry Committee. The mission of this permanent town committee is to increase awareness of the importance of protecting trees in Fairfield by educating residents and developing town-wide tree projects.

“The Forestry Committee will support and supplement the efforts of Fairfield’s Tree Warden,” stated Misty Beyer, committee Co-Founder. “Fairfield, a designated Connecticut Tree City, is fortunate to be one of the few towns that employs a full-time tree warden.”

The use of “ Forestry” in this volunteer committee’s name was chosen to reflect the need to protect trees in Fairfield’s business and industrial zones, in addition to its residential and recreational areas.

“Trees have tremendous impact on our environmental health, water quality, climate regulation, noise abatement, and wildlife protection,” said Pamela Clark, committee member. “Importantly, Fairfield’s trees define the unique character of our town.”