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Charter Revision Commission Meeting Schedule

All Charter Revision Commission meetings are open to the public and are held virtually. 

2021 Regular Meetings Notes
 Wednesday, September 22 Organizational Meeting
 Wednesday, October 6 First Statutory Public Hearing: C.G.S. §7-1919(a) and Approval of Commission Schedule
 Thursday, October 14 CRC Due Diligence: Meeting with Department Heads and Appointed Boards and Commissions Public Officials
 Thursday, October 28 CRC Due Diligence: Redline and Review Session with Town Attorney Baldwin and Commission Counsel Mednick
Monday, November 8 CRC Due Diligence: Public Officials and Continued Red-Line Session (11/11 is a holiday) 
Tuesday, November 16 CRC Level Set Meeting: Where Do We Go From Here? (11/25 is a holiday)
Thursday, December 9 Continuation of Level Set Meeting
Tuesday, December 21 Cancelled
All 2022 Meetings Begin 7:00 pm Unless Otherwise Noted   2022 Topics 
Thursday, January 13 Public Comment on Adopted Work Plan (7pm-8pm) followed by CRC regular meeting. Topic: Town Budgeting Process 
Thursday, January 27 Town Governance Issues:
a. Keynote: Joe DeLong, Exec. Dir. & CEO, Connecticut Conference of Municipalities (CCM)
b. Panel Discussion and Dialogue: Professors Gary Rose & Gayle Alberda of Sacred Heart and Fairfield Universities, respectively.
c. Background Document #3

CRC Discussion: Budget Article X – Background Document #5 and Article X Redline

Thursday, February 10  Panel Discussion on Town Governance: Representatives of Connecticut municipalities featuring alternative Governance Models: First Selectperson/RTM; Mayor/Council; and Council/Manager
Thursday, February 24 Meeting Topic II: CRC Working Session and Discussion on Governance
Counsel Report: Non-partisan RTM elections.
Thursday, March 10 - SPECIAL MEETING WITH PUBLIC COMMENT BEGINS 6:00 PM; REGULAR MEETING BEGINS 7 PM.   Meeting Topic II: Public Comment on Governance Issues.
Meeting Topic III: Miscellaneous Issues – Part A: Minority Party Representation; Constables; Commencement of Terms of Elected Officials and RTM; Resignations and Vacancies(TBD) 
Thursday, March 24 Presentation of Governance Model by Counsel: Action Item #3 and Discussion of Remaining Agenda: Comment Grid Update 
Monday, April 4 - Special Meeting - 7 pm   -Discuss and Finalize Governance Model – Action Item #3
-Discuss Resignations and Vacancies – Action Item #2
-Discuss Remaining CRC Meeting Schedule & Coordinate with Work Plan  
Thursday, April 14 - Special Meeting - 6 pm Meeting Topic IV: Department Issues; Qualifications, “For Cause” and Term of Office for Department Heads; Town Attorney; CFO; DPW/WPCA  Alignment; Police Chief Residency 
Monday, April 25 - Special Meeting - 4:30 pm   Meeting Topic IV – Proposed Action Item #4
Articles VIII and IX (to be presented at meeting)
- Police Chief residency
- Department Issues
- Qualifications
- Term of Office and “For Cause” standard
- Town Attorney/Assistant Town Attorney
- DPW/WPCA Alignment
- Police, Fire, Conservation and Tax
Thursday, April 28 - CANCELLED
Wednesday, May 11 - Special Meeting - 7 pm -Further discussion: Revised Action Item #3: Articles II – VII
-Further discussion: Revised Action Item #1 Budget
-Further discussion: Meeting Topic IV – Proposed Action Item #4 (Articles VIII and IX) 
Thursday, May 12 - Regular Meeting - 7 pm  -Complete work on Action Items #1,3 & 4
-Board of Education
-Cooperation Provision
-Uniform Creation Standards
-Specific Board and Commission Issues
-Remainder of the Schedule
Tuesday, May 17 - Special Meeting - 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm   -Article IX - 9.16 (formerly 10.17) Board of Library Trustees – Clarification – Scott Jarzombek, Town Librarian
-Further Discussion of Article X – Budget Procedure & Related Matters
-Further Discussion of Town Charter 
Wednesday, May 25 - Special Meeting - 7 pm   Continuation of Final Actions Prior to Public Hearing on 06/02/22
Thursday, June 2 - Special Meeting - Public Hearing  Topic and Time TBA 
Monday, June 6 - Special Meeting - 4 pm   Post Public Hearing Review and Discussion & Approval of Revised Town Charter for Transmittal to BOS
Monday, June 13 - Special Meeting - 4:30 pm Continue Post Public Hearing Review and Discussion (continued from June 6th meeting) & Approval of Revised Town Charter for Transmittal to BOS
Wednesday, July 27 - Special Meeting - 6 pm Confer with BOS Regarding Resolution of BOS to CRC Pursuant to C.G.S. §7-191(b) and review, deliberate, hear consider and act upon the Resolution of BOS's Recommendations to CRC Pursuant to C.G.S. §7-191(b)
 Thursday, July 28 - Special Meeting - 6 pm To review, deliberate, hear, consider and act upon the Resolution of the BOS's Recommendations to the CRC C.G.S. §7-191(b)
 Monday, August 1 - Special Meeting - 6 pm  To review, deliberate, hear, consider and act upon the Resolution of BOS Recommendations to CRC Pursuant to C.G.S.§7-191(b)
 Monday, August 8 - Special Meeting - 9 am Approve Minutes  

Agendas can be viewed here

Minutes can be viewed here