Parking Authority Day Parking Fee Appeal Form

Instructions: Within ten (10) days of the date the ticket was issued, complete the online form (below) or submit a hard copy of the Day Parking Appeal Form.

  1. Complete sections A, B & C   
  2. Provide a detailed explanation (and include your permit number, if you have one)
  3. Sign and send the form with the ticket to Parking Authority of Fairfield, or submit the form below
  4. It will be reviewed and you will receive a decision.

This appeal form is for tickets that start with the letter R only. If the ticket starts with the letter P, you have received a Parking Ticket and must go to the Police Department website to fill out the Parking Ticket Appeal Form.

Section A: Complainant Information

Section B: Day Parking Ticket information

Section C: Explanation

Please include your permit number below if you got a day fee ticket in the permit area with your permit displayed. If you parked in the Day fee area you owe the Day fee rate. Permits are for permit area only.