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Effective August 23, an indoor mask policy is in effect in the Town of Fairfield. 


Permit Parking

Below is information pertaining to permit parking at the Fairfield Center and Southport train stations. For information on Day Parking visit our Day Parking web page.

Permit Parking at the Fairfield Center and Southport stations is managed by the Parking Authority.


Permit Costs (for 7/1/21 - 6/30/22 Permit Year Only.  This is a reduced rate from the pre-COVID years.)

Fairfield Center Station:   $350 annual permit 
Southport Station:            $250 annual permit

Please note effective January 1, 2020, CT sales and usage tax of 6.35% is charged on all parking services.


How to Obtain a Permit

If you are interested in a Parking Permit for Fairfield Center Train Station or Southport Train Station parking lots, please email your name, address, phone and the station preference to Parking Authority office (parkingauthority@fairfieldct.org).  We are currently renewing existing permits, and we will issue new permits as soon as possible.  

Please be sure your email accepts emails from parkingauthority@fairfieldct.org and donotreply@rmcpay.com.  Once you have purchased a permit, you may update your account information online or by calling the Parking Authority (203-256-3053).

One permit per household.  Permits are non-transferable.  


Permit Space Locations

Consult the Fairfield Center Station Parking Map to view the location of permit spaces at the Fairfield Center Station.  For location of permit spaces at Southport Station, please view here on the Southport Station Parking Map.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your license plate must be facing the aisle so that it may be read by the License Plate Reader vehicle. Please park accordingly.  If your plate is not visible, you may receive a Failure To Display citation.


Permit Replacements

During the permit year, if you have any changes to your permit, such as a new vehicle, please make your changes through your online account, upload the DMV and click on SUBMIT.  The Parking Authority will receive notification of the changes, and review them.  You will receive an email stating your changes have been approved.  There is no cost for adding/dropping vehicles or editing your account information.  You may access your account by visiting fairfieldctpermits.rmcpay.com.   

Please note all outstanding tickets must be paid prior to acceptance of changes to the permit. 


If You No Longer Need Your Permit

During the permit year, if you find you no longer have a need for your train station parking permit, you may receive a partial refund.  Please notify the Parking Authority by email.  Your refund will be based on the date of notification. 


Contact Information

For questions or additional information on Permit Parking at the Fairfield Center and Southport Stations, contact the Parking Authority.