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Shoveling for Seniors

The Town of Fairfield recognizes that some of our residents are physically unable to shovel their own sidewalks.  Senior citizens and people with disabilities are strongly encouraged to consider filling out an application for the Shoveling for Seniors program coordinated by the Bigelow Center for Senior Activities.

How the Program Works

The Shoveling for Seniors program provides seniors and the disabled with contact information for students living in Fairfield who will provide shoveling services. The resident contacts the shovelers directly to arrange for assistance.  The resident and student make their own agreement with regard to payment, but the suggested amount is $10 per hour. In some cases the student may offer to shovel for no payment.

The students are expected to provide their own transportation to and from the resident's home.  Residents who don't have a shovel should let the shoveler know in advance.

A list of shovelers is provided once all paperwork is complete.   The list indicates the elementary school closest to where the student lives, his or her phone number and whether or not he or she is a volunteer or would like to get paid. 

How to Sign Up

Resident: Residents must complete the following document and return both forms to the Bigelow Center in order to receive a list of shovelers:

Student: A student who wishes to participate as a shoveler must complete and return the following permission slip to the Bigelow Center:

Please contact the Bigelow Center (203-256-3166) with any questions.