Old Town Hall Parking lot will be closed Thursday, August 11th to Thursday, August 18th for paving. Please use the entrance for the Fairfield Museum - 370 Beach Road - and utilize parking at Sullivan Independence Hall. 


Homeowner Assistance Programs

The Office administers the following programs with funding provided by the United States Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD):

Handyman Program

This program is intended to assist very low-income homeowners with minor maintenance and repairs to their primary place of residence.  For qualified homeowners, the Town will pay the cost of all labor associated with the desired repairs, up to a maximum of eight (8) hours per project.  The homeowner is responsible solely for the cost of any materials.  To be eligible for assistance under this program, applicants must meet the income guidelines for a very low-income household as provided below. 

2022 HUD FY Income Limits Summary (Handyman Program)

1 person

2 person

3 person

4 person

5 person

6 person







For further information about this program or to request an application, please contact the Office of Community & Economic Development at 203-256-3120.

Lead-Based Paint Abatement

Many houses and apartments built before 1978 have paint that contains lead.  Lead paint exposure poses serious health hazards, especially to small children, if not properly addressed. HUD regulations require that any dwelling constructed prior to 1978 and occupied by families with children under age seven be inspected for cracking, scaling, chipping, peeling or loose paint surfaces if the property owners are seeking homeownership or rehabilitation assistance.  If any of these defective paint conditions are found, they need to be corrected either before, or in conjunction with, any other work being done with HUD funds. Costs associated with this work are eligible under the Neighborhood Revitalization Program. 

Residential Rehab Program for Homeowners

Fairfield’s Neighborhood Revitalization Program helps preserve and enhance the town’s affordable housing stock. Eligible Fairfield homeowners may quality for special no-interest loans to pay for improvements and repair.  Projects covered include those that improve home condition, prevent or correct physical deterioration, conserve energy, and/or correct code violations. The program does not cover costs for additions or improvements to garages, sheds or outbuildings, or for interior painting/decorating, cosmetic improvements, landscaping or the purchase/installation of anything not considered an integral fixture of the property. These loans, which are recorded as liens on the property, are repaid when the owner sells and/or transfers the property, refinances, or dies. To be eligible for assistance under this program, applicants must meet the HUD income guidelines for a low-income household as provided below.

2022 HUD FY Income Limits Summary (Residential Rehab for Homeowners)

1 person

2 person

3 person

4 person

5 person

6 person

7 person

8 person