Old Town Hall Parking lot will be closed Friday, August 19th and Tuesday, August 23rd for paving. Please use the entrance for the Fairfield Museum - 370 Beach Road - and utilize parking at Sullivan Independence Hall. 


About Community Development

The Office of Community & Economic Development promotes and administers programs in Fairfield that help encourage homeownership, maintain the town’s affordable housing stock, and respond to the needs of Fairfield’s low- and moderate-income population when it comes to keeping their homes safe and habitable.

The Office of Community & Economic Development offers programs to eligible first-time home buyers, to current homeowners needing maintenance assistance, and to owners of multifamily units offering affordable rentals.  

As an entitlement community, Fairfield receives funding from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) through the Community Development Block Grant Program, which the Office administers on behalf of the Town. In coordination with the Affordable Housing Committee, the Office works to encourage, promote and facilitate the development of affordable housing in Fairfield. The Office also acts as the Fair Housing Agent for the Town of Fairfield.