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Noise Ordinance

Fairfield has a Noise Ordinance in the Town Code that could limit contractor work hours as well as other activities. The ordinance prohibits excessive noise (decibel levels are listed in the Noise Ordinance) during the following hours:

Weekday Schedule

  • 10:00 pm Sunday through 7:00 am Monday
  • 10:00 pm Monday through 7:00 am Tuesday
  • 10:00 pm Tuesday through 7:00 am Wednesday
  • 10:00 pm Wednesday through 7:00 am Wednesday
  • 10:00 pm Thursday through 7:00 am Friday

Weekend Schedule

  • 11:00 pm Friday through 8:00 am Saturday
  • 11:00 pm Saturday through 8:00 am Sunday

During any state or national holiday, the weekend schedule will be in effect the night before the holiday through the morning of the holiday. 

Please contact the Police Department for enforcement requests and questions.