About the Conservation Commission

Term Length:
# of Full Members:
Appointing Body:
Party Balance Required?:
Defined In:

Five Years (Two-Term Limit)
Seven plus 3 Alternates
First Selectwoman
Town Charter - Article X


Fairfield boasts many beautiful natural water and land resources. The Conservation Commission’s mission is to ensure that the town balances the need for economic growth of the town and the use of its land with the need to protect the environment and its natural resources. The Conservation Commission works to conserve, develop, supervise and regulate natural resources, both water resources and open space land. 

Powers and Duties

 Duties include:

  • Conducting investigations into the use and possible uses of land.
  • Keeping an index of all open spaces, whether publicly or privately owned, to ensure these spaces are being properly used.
  • Recommending plans for development and use of open areas.
  • With the approval of the RTM,  considering acquisitions of land and easements in the name of the town and promulgating rules and regulations for the use of the land and easements.
  • Protecting, preserving, maintaining and ensuring proper use of inland wetlands and watercourses whether for public or private use.
  • Providing town citizens an orderly process to balance the need for economic growth with the need to protect the environment and natural resources.
  • Adopting, amending and promulgating regulations as necessary to protect and define inland wetlands and watercourses.
  • Advising, consulting,  and cooperating with other town agencies and state and federal government
  • Inventorying and evaluating the inland wetlands and watercourses

The Conservation Commission may also:

  • Advertise, prepare, and distribute material as necessary for its purposes
  • Establish a greenways plan for inclusion in the plan of conservation and development of the municipality
  • Inventory natural resources and form watershed and drought management plans
  • Make recommendations to other town agencies on proposed land use changes
  • Supervise and manage town-owned open space or park property if delegated such authority
  • Receive gifts in the name of the town
  • Exchange information with the Commissioner of Environmental Protection who may assign personnel for assistance in planning or coordination conservation activities.