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The Burr Homestead

The Burr Homestead, which includes the stately Burr Mansion and the Burr Homestead Gardens, is located at 739 Old Post Road, in the heart of Fairfield's Old Post Road Historic District.  The Homestead is owned by the Town of Fairfield.   The Mansion is managed by Fairfield Parks and Recreation.


Originally built in 1732, Thaddeus Burr (uncle of Aaron Burr) and Eunice Burr resided in the home during the American Revolution.  John Hancock married Dorothy Quincy in a graceful ceremony at the Burr Homestead in 1775, as Boston's patriotic activists fled the British. The home also hosted George Washington, John Adams, and Samuel Adams during this time.  In 1779, it was destroyed during the Burning of Fairfield, but Hancock insisted that the Burrs rebuild their home, and it was completed in 1790.  The home was one of the town's cultural and social centers.

The Burr family held the property from the 1600s until the mid-1800s.  The home was renovated in the 1800s.  In 1962, the Burr Homestead became a Town of Fairfield property.

Burr Homestead Gardens

The Burr Homestead Gardens are defined as the four-acre property located at 739 Old Post Road in Fairfield, Connecticut. The property is bounded on the north by Old Post Road; on the west by Penfield Road; on the south by 125 Penfield Road and a parking area for Sullivan Independence Hall; and to the east by Sullivan Independence Hall and St. Paul's Episcopal Church. The gardens include a Tea House, Reflecting Pond and Fountain, Georgian marble Excedra and the Knot Garden as well as many magnificent old trees and old-fashioned flowers. The Gardens are overseen by the Town's Burr Gardens Advisory Committee. Click here for more information on the gardens.

Mansion Rental

The property is both intimate and expansive, making it ideal for both small and large gatherings. The Mansion features elegant rooms with high ceilings, ornate moldings and marble fireplaces.  Outside, the more than four-acre garden provides picturesque scenery, including a renovated, turn of the century fountain.  Bridal rooms and kitchen facilities are available. The property is conveniently located in downtown Fairfield. Contact the Burr Manager for additional information.