Remote Hearing Request

Per the Governor's Executive Order 7Z currently in effect, the in-person requirement for assessment appeal hearings has been suspended.  If you are uncomfortable attending your hearing in person, you may request a remote hearing and the Board member will call you on the date and at the time of your scheduled hearing.  Your hearing will be recorded.

To request a remote hearing complete the form below. Please note that all documentation you wish to reference in your hearing must be physically in the Assessor's Office at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled hearing.   Requests for remote hearings made less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled hearing may not be honored.

Remote Hearing Request Form

Hearing Notification Information

Provide the following information EXACTLY as printed on the Hearing Notification Letter.

Information for Remote Hearing

Provide the following information related to your phone hearing. The person being called must be the property owner or duly authorized agent (affadavit having been submitted with the appeal).


By checking this box I hereby certify that I am the property owner or Duly Authorized agent for the above appeal.