About the Affordable Housing Committee

Term Length:
# of Members:
Appointing Body:
Party Balance Required?:
Defined In:

Four Years (2 Terms)
Board of Selectmen
Yes, No More than 4 of the Same Political Party
Town Code - Chapter VI


The Affordable Housing Committee promotes affordable housing development in Fairfield.  

Powers and Duties 

Duties include:

  • Studying the need for affordable housing in town
  • Creating inventory of suitable affordable housing sites in Fairfield
  • Tracking availability of suitable sites
  • Studying sources of funding for affordable housing

Duties may also include:

  • Consulting with town bodies and holding public hearings as necessary to assist in conducting studies and making recommendations
  • Advising the First Selectman and Land Acquisition Commission of site acquisition opportunities
  • Making recommendation to the Board of Selectmen, Board of Finance and Representative Town Meeting regarding the acquisition, creation, or preservation of affordable housing.