Town Seal

town_sealAccording to Fairfield's Town Charter, the Town Seal shall conform to the following description:

It shall be a perfect circle of one and three quarters inches diameter. Within such circle shall appear another circle in distance five-sixteenths of an inch from the outer edge of the original, with a diameter of one and one-eighth inches, forming a border. Within such border shall appear, letter spaced and in letters one-eighth inch in height and of Roman, in antique style, across the top, the words, “Town of Fairfield”, and around the bottom the word, “Connecticut”, each beginning and ending approximately one-half inch apart in the lower sides along such border.

Within the upper half of the inner circle shall appear the figures on an Indian and an early settler grasping hands to seal a bargain, with a background of trees and hills. Overhead, following the upper edge of the inner circle shall appear the word “Seal”, in letters one-eighth inch in height in antique outline style. Underneath the figures shall appear the numerals “1639,” commemorating the date of settlement, in numerals one-eighth inch in height of antique outline style. Within the lower half of the inner circle shall appear three grapevines intertwined around supports, two above and one below. At the bottom following the edge of the inner circle the State motto “Qui Transtulit Sustinet,”in block letters on a ribbon one-eighth inch wide, with the ends turned and cleft.

A Note on the Town Seal:

Pursuant to our inclusive excellence commitment, we acknowledge the challenges associated with the imagery and description of our Town Seal. With respect to the indigenous/native inhabitants of what is now the Town of Fairfield, Connecticut, we will continue to discuss strategies to address the challenges and concerns associated with our Seal.