Whether you're navigating to a specific location, searching for aerial views of a property, or just generally interested in obtaining a visual overview of the Town, the following maps provide a variety of ways to view the streets and properties in Fairfield.  Additional maps are available for viewing in the Forms and Documents section of individual departments' home pages.

Engineering Department Street Map

Click here to access a readable version of the Town of Fairfield street map and street index provided by the Town's Engineering Department.  The readable version of the map is presented in .pdf format and includes color coding for public and private schools, town parks and greens, town beaches, public open spaces and private nature sanctuaries.

MailAMapMail-a-Map Street Map

Mail-a-Map provides the Town with a Fairfield & Easton Street Map.  Click here to access a PDF printable version of the Mail-a-Map Street Map.  Hard copies are available free of charge in the Town Clerk's Office and the First Selectman's Office. Quantities may be limited.

Zoning Map

The Town of Fairfield has nine residential, three business and two industrial zoning districts.   Click here to view the current zoning map.  For more information contact the Town Plan and Zoning Department.

Historic District Maps

The Town of Fairfield has three historic districts.  Visit our Historic Districts web page to view maps of these districts.

Open Space Maps

Trail maps are available for a number of the Town's Open Spaces.  Visit our Open Space webpage to access the maps available online.

GIS Mapping

GIS (Geographic Information System) is a mapping technology that allows users to interact with a variety of maps and data sources. Visit our GIS mapping web page for more information and links to the GIS viewer.