High Touch, High Tech Camps

Fee: $135.00 / 3 days    Recreation Activity Room


Course Time Days Dates
 Time to Rock 12424-01 9:00 - 12 T, W, Th July 23, 24, 25
 Science Discoveries 12425-01 9:00 - 12 T, W, Th July 30, 31, Aug 1
 Chemistry Concoctions 12426-01 9:00 - 12 T, W, Th Aug 6, 7, 8
 Investigator 12427-01 9:00 - 12 T, W, Th Aug 13, 14, 15
 Science Explorations 12428-01 9:00 - 12  T, W, Th Aug 20, 21, 22

IT’S TIME TO ROCK Ages: 6 - 10
BUILD YOUR OWN WORKING VOLCANO. Millions of years is just a short time when it comes to nature. We will learn how the Earth continues to change and the continents drift. Grow crystals and see rocks grow. Learning how and what it takes to make rocks and gems. Investigate the dirty facts of the rock cycle, erosion, mountain building and earthquakes. See dinosaurs, dig for fossils and pan for gems. Build a working volcano to take home.

Become a scientist! Participate in fun-filled hands-on activities and learn about dinosaur fossils, the seedy facts about plants, and magnetic attraction. Catch the vibes and find out about sound and light; make bells ring and light bulbs light up; see a special sound and laser show; launch rockets and have fun with chemistry by making silly putty and gummy drops. This program mixes your favorite chemical reactions with all sorts of things that pop, fizz and foam.

Make and keep a fascinating set of crystals. Find out how much fun matter and chemistry can be! Make silly putty, gummy drops, ice-cream, ooblick, soda and much more. Turn nickels into pennies as we learn what makes reactions happen. Become a chemical detective to identify chemicals by their properties. Make chemical volcanoes.


Become a “Crime Scene Investigator” and solve these mysteries. It takes science, observation & problem solving skills to find the clues and solve the puzzles. We will use fingerprints, DNA, microscopes, “mugshots” and chemical tests to get to the bottom of various crimes. Learn scientific techniques used by investigators and laboratories to solve the “whodunit” mysteries.

An exciting week of non-stop experiments. Become a chemist and explore the reactions: using acids & bases; electricity; indicators and polymers. Make volcanoes, tornadoes and lightning. Explore the forces that move the earth, sun, and moon. Launch rockets. Use simple machines to multiply forces. Get a hands on look at real hearts, livers & kidneys as you learn about our bodies. Test the nutrients in your food.

Questions may be directed to: High Touch, High Tech, 800-311-9993. HTHT@optonline.net