Under the careful guidance and expertise of BL Companies & The Horsley Witten Group, Fairfield Parks & Recreation has concluded the Master Plan process. Throughout this initiative, we have worked to determine the types of community service, sports and recreation facilities that are needed based on current and future anticipated usage. All existing recreation facility properties were analyzed as well, to determine their existing conditions, limitations, opportunities and potential to support additional use. The findings from these aforementioned initiatives have been integrated into a comprehensive master plan which contains a series of recommendations for improvements to the system. Participating town agencies, user groups, key stakeholders and residents helped to provide many pertinent recommendations. The articulated needs, goals and aspirations of these groups formed the essence of our master plan. Once the master plan is formally reviewed and accepted by the Town departments and other bodies as appropriate, it will serve as a roadmap for future improvement and capital budget requests.

Project Components

  • Examine the demand (current and future) for the Town’s fields (baseball, softball, soccer, football, etc.) courts and recreation facilities.

  • Inventory and evaluate existing facilities and condition and ascertain the appropriateness of existing facilities (based on location, size vs. regulation, neighborhood concerns, parking issues, regulatory issues, etc.)

  • Determine if there is excess capacity and/or predict if there will be unmet future demand, and if the existing capacity is appropriately located.

  • Identify any required community service and recreation facilities/components that are or will be needed.

  • Develop a strategic plan for at least the next 10 years.

  • Develop costs (including design, permitting, administrative and construction), for anticipated recreation facility improvements.

  • The comprehensive town-wide Parks and Recreation Master Plan will set forth a vision that reflects the needs and priorities of the community and establish a roadmap for how that vision can be implemented over the next ten years. 

Master Plan 

Master Plan Executive Summary 

Master Plan Appendices A - D

Master Plan Appendices E - H 

Final Concept Plans 

Concept Plans

Ash Creek

Dougiello Park

Dover Park

Dwight School

Giant Steps

Highwood Park

Jennings Beach

Lake Mohegan

Lincoln Park

Old Field

Owen Fish Park

South Pine Creek Recreation Area

Town Hall Complex

Tunxis Hill Park

Veteran’s Park

Public Workshop #3: June 30, 2022

Workshop Presentation

Summary of Public Input

Public Workshop #2: March 30, 2022

Workshop Presentation

Workshop Gallery Summaries 

Stakeholder Interviews, Focus Groups and Round Robins Outreach February 2022:


Focus Groups 

Round Robins 

Public Workshop #1: November 29, 2021

Workshop Presentation

Workshop Small Group Discussion Summaries 

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