Marina Wait Lists

The Town of Fairfield maintains wait lists for all three slip sizes at South Benson Marina.  Please read the information below regarding how to be placed on a wait list, how to check your status on the wait list, estimated wait times, and how slips are filled.  Questions should be directed to the Marina Coordinator in the Parks and Recreation Department.

How Do I Get on a Wait List?

The Town of Fairfield maintains three wait lists for residents interested in obtaining a slip at South Benson Marina.  Slips are sold by slip size not on a per foot basis.  The three sizes are as follows:

  • Small Slip - Vessels 14'1" to 22'
  • Medium Slip - Vessels 22'1" to 24'
  • Large Slip - Vessels 24'1" to 36'

Only permanent residents of Fairfield may obtain a slip.  Those renting or leasing property are considered permanent residents.  Non-resident taxpayers or business owners who do not reside in Fairfield are not considered permanent residents and are not eligible for slip assignment.

It is not necessary to own a boat to begin the wait list process.  You may put your name on more than one wait list.  However, no family residing in one dwelling may have more than one slip assignment until all on the waiting lists are satisfied.

To place your name on the South Benson Marina wait list you must come to the Parks and Recreation Office during business hours M-F, 830-430 to complete the application and submit the non-refundable fee. 

Where am I on the Wait List?

The Marina Department periodically updates the online Master Marina Wait List.  Please refer to your account number when checking your status on the wait list. If you don't know your account number, you may contact the Marina Coordinator in the Parks and Recreation Department during regular business hours at 203-256-3002.

Estimated Wait Times

The number of available slips is driven by turnover and is difficult to predict. The 2021 season saw a higher offer acceptance rate for the Small slips and a higher deferral rate for Large slips.   As of November 1, 2021 the statistics for the three wait lists are as follows:

Wait List  # Applicants  # Slips Average
Large 472 200 11-12 years 10%
Medium 163 61  5-7 years 8% 
Small 136 346 2-3 years 10% 

How Slips are Assigned

The invitation process begins each March once the returning slip holder contracts have been finalized and the number of available slips has been determined.  Slips may periodically become available during the boating season.  The number of available slips is driven by turnover and is difficult to predict.  No family residing in one dwelling may have more than one slip assignment until all on the waiting list are satisfied.

If a slip becomes available and is offered to an eligible person on the wait list, a one-time deferral is available for anyone who is on the list as of September 16, 2015. Anyone who is placed on the wait list after September 16, 2015 will have ten (10) business days from the notification date to provide the required documents and fees and twelve (12) months to occupy the slip.

For billing and slip assignment purposes, all incoming vessels will be measured the Town of Fairfield to verify that they comply with the Parks and Recreation Commission’s Rules and Regulations governing South Benson Marina. 


Please direct all questions to the Marina Department at 203-256-3002 or e-mail the Marina Coordinator at