Frequently Asked Questions (Marina)

How are boats measured?

The purpose of measuring boats at South Benson Marina is an effort to maintain as wide and safe of a distance as possible between docks which is referred to as the "gallery".

Boats in the Small (14' to 22') and Medium ( 22'1" to 24') categories are measured from the lifting eyes or D-Rings on the transom, to the furthest point of the bow. This includes anchors, bow rails, navigation lights, pulpits and bowsprits. Any portion of the boat extending rearwards will not be factored into the measurement for the Small and Medium categories. Outboard motors, lower units, outdrives, trolling motors, swim ladders or platforms do not affect the measurement. This is due to the "Frog-Hook" style dock hardware we use which creates a fixed space of approximately 48" and does not affect the distance which a boat may protrude into the gallery or channel between docks.

Boats in the Large (24'1" to 36')  category are measured for "length over all", which includes all attachments and/or protuberances such as; anchors, bow rails, navigation lights, pulpits and bowsprits. As well as outboard motors, stern rails, rudders, mizzen booms, davits, wind vanes, swim platforms or ladders. This is the footprint of the boat and is a true reflection of the space occupied.

What do I need to renew my slip?

The application must be completed, signed, and returned, with full payment, to the Parks and Recreation Department 75 Mill Plain Rd by the close of business (430pm) on the 3rd Wednesday of February.

 Application packet must include:

  1. Non-Refundable Payment - Cash or check payable to the Town of Fairfield. Credit Cards may be processed at our office or over the phone.
  2. Current Vessel Registration - Out of town vessel registrations are not permitted
  3. Liability Insurance - Declaration page to show coverage dates
  4. Proof of Residency - Utility bill w/ name and address (mortgage, bank statements tax bills insufficient)
  5. 2 Vehicle Registrations – For parking permits, both vehicles must be in the slip holder’s name and address
  6. CT Driver’s License - Copies are acceptable if by mail


If any of these required documents are still missing from the packet by the due date listed above, a $250 late fee will be assessed.

Any application packet that is not complete and received in the office by the close of business on the slip forfeiture date listed above will result in the loss of slip.

All documentation and payments must be in the slip holder’s name and address. PO Boxes, LLC’s, FLP’s and business addresses not permitted. Where a partnership exists, the slip holder’s name must appear first on all documentation.

Outstanding fines and storage fees must be paid in full prior to renewal acceptance.

How does the "M" parking policy work?

Between  Memorial Day and Labor Day, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, only South Benson Marina slip holders are allowed to use the portion of the parking lot directly in front of the docks. All other vehicles with an "A" stickers must park elsewhere. The M area includes all parking spaces from I-Dock to A-Dock. On 10/16/16, the Parks and Recreation Commission voted to allow two (2) M stickers per slip. M sticker vehicles may park anywhere they choose throughout the entire property. Guests and A sticker vehicles must park in either the guest lot or the lot nearest to the beach/skate park.

How long is the boating season in Fairfield?

The dates vary slightly as follows:

  • Perry's Green - April 15 to the third (3rd) Sunday of November
  • South Benson Marina - April 15 to the third (3rd) Sunday of November
  • Southport Harbor Moorings - April 15 to October 15
  • Ye Yacht Yard - April 15 to the third (3rd) Sunday of November

Does Fairfield have transient docks? What is the cost?

Transient dock space is available at the "T-Heads" of H and I dock at South Benson Marina. If demand is sufficient, empty slips may be used for transients as well. The cost is $2.00 per foot for a 24 hour period. Electricity is not available to transient boaters. We are not equipped to handle vessels greater than 36' or a 5' draft. All transient dock space is arranged through the Marina Coordinator and is monitored by the Fairfield Police Marine Patrol and Security staff.

Where can non-resident guests park at the marina?

Non-resident guests are permitted to park in the guest lot, which is to the left of the guard shack. South Benson slip holders must notify the guards of their guests impending arrival or accompany them through the entrance. The security guard will issue a free parking pass to be displayed on the dash board for the duration of their stay . If you plan to be gone overnight, let the guard know your return date so that the pass reflects the entire stay. If the vehicle remains at the lot beyond the dates shown there is a good chance that the vehicle will receive a parking fine.

How do contractors gain permission to enter the marina?

All service and repair contractors are required to supply proof of insurance to the Town of Fairfield annually. Repair and service personnel will be asked to provide their destination, customer name and type of work to be performed and sign out as they exit the facility.

Can I clean the bottom of my boat while at the marina?

No boat bottom maintenance is permitted anywhere in the South Benson Boat Basin or surrounding parking lots. This includes power (or pressure) washing, scrubbing, wet and/or dry sanding, SCUBA diver scrubbing per CT DEEP law.